What's my edible dose?

How many milligrams do I start with? Safety is our priority so please be sure to figure out your correct dose. Edibles effect everyone differently. The dosage that is right for some may be to much or to little for another. Many factors play a role in what is right for you. The state of Colorado suggests that 10mg dose of THC is considered a single or starter dose.

However, we recommend starting with 2.5 to 5mg when deciding what dose is right for you. Our research shows us that often times with a THC/CBD infused product, the dose that meets your goal, whether it's a sleep aid, pain, high blood pressure, or whatever challenges you may be facing,  often times a very small dose can achieve your desired effect. For this reason we feel stating with 2.5 to 5, and working your way up as opposed to over medicating is the best approach. 

These are only opinions so be sure to consult with your MMJ doctor to work on an individual plan that works for you.

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What's my edible dose?

How many milligrams should I start with?

What edible is right for me?



Gum delivers the active ingredients by way of mucous membranes in the mouth. This safe and effective way is often preffered as the effects are typically felt more quickly that through the digestive system of edibles you swallow. Due to this, some feel it's a safer, cautious and preferred method as feeling the effects sooner may help to make it less likely to over do it. Again, be sure to consult with your MMJ provider for guidance.