Nudge and the "Magic Gum"


Infused chewing gum

Rocky Mountain Bob's recipe was born from an old family concoction that dates back to the mid-1800s. Affectionately known as "nudge", my great great grandma was making what she referred to as "Magic gum". They called her “Nudge" because of her always loving and passionate but often times aggressive and borderline abrasive personality. With healing nature in heart she used what she had on hand (and 3 secret ingredients) including a variety of tree sap's, chamomile, lavender and other natural herbs to create what she called “magic Gum”. She was making her own CBD infusion before we even knew of it’s healing powers. By simmering hemp plants to the point of a a thin oil and mixing them with her favorite healing herbs and tree sap, she was guided and given the powerful formula of an amazing healing myriad of love induced chewing gum. The gum she referred to as "magic gum”, quickly gained popularity with friends, neighbors,family and even the local town government officials. Because of the overwhelming confident human consensus that the magic gum could ease aches and pains, help people sleep, and had a wonderful calming affect that alleviated anxiety and high blood pressure, before long everyone in town wanted "Nudge's" magic gum. 

Why is it called Rocky Mountain Bob? Bob is a dear friend of mine. He found himself in desperate but unreachable medical care. I racked my brain trying to figure out how one would come up with a pile of money to help? With the current legalization of cannabis and the hard to miss potential profit in it in, suddenly, as if she shot it right down to me, “Nudge’s” magic gum sprung to mind. Without getting into the details of what followed, Bob has new lungs and is getting along just fine. 

There is a little Rocky Mountain Bob in all of us! There's a Rocky Mountain Bob in Denver, Rocky Mountain Bob in Boulder, Rocky Mountain Bob in Fort Collins, Rocky Mountain Bob in Colorado Springs ... 

I've created Rocky Mountain Bob from this old family recipe, including the 3 secret ingredients, to help facilitate the healing of the universe in mind, body and soul!

The time is now! 

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Bob’s naturally medicinal chewing gum. 


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THC infused chewing gum