Rocky Mountain Bob - Colorado's Original Naturally Medicinal Chewing Gum

Rocky Mountain Bob is Colorado's First THC/CBD Infused Chewing Gum


10mg/10mg CBD/THC 

Medical - 25mg THC 

Available in 10 packs


Colorado's First THC/CBD Infused Chewing Gum

Infused Chewing gum

Imagine That

Located in Beautiful Colorado, Rocky Mountain Bob has taken the less traveled approach of offering quality honest products. We have chosen to put consistency and integrity above profit margins and integrate only the highest quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. Our carefully hand-picked team of like-minded, ethical, diverse, and purpose driven Rocky Mountain Bob Family and Partners team, gives us an unparalleled advantage over our dollar driven competition.  

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Passionately Hand Made

Our healing Family Recipe Dates Back to the 1800s

My great great Grandmother, "nudge" was making THC/CBD gum before we fully understood the great healing powers and properties of the cannabis plant. She called it "Magic Gum" and lovingly passed it down through the generations. Far ahead of her time, and passionately outspoken, she was intrinsically certain that plants and herbs are biologically harmonious and put on this earth to heal and enhance the mind and body. 

THC Chewing gum

Effective & Delicious

The highly efficient Active Ingredient Delivery Method of Ingestion by way of the mouth allows the active medicines to be delivered to the system safely via the bloodstream without effecting any organ damage one my be challenged with. This method provides no smoke in the lungs and a much more timely effect than through digestion. The effects are felt sooner which aids in choosing your correct dose. This ingestion method via the mucous membranes in the mouth causes a systemic effect delivered through the bloodstream to the area of the body in need. 

For more information regarding dosage, please check out the know your dose tab.


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